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Please refer to your in-country Marketing and Communications Officer if you have any questions, or contact Schuyler Null.


Use these logos when you are referring to the Sustainable Cities program in Turkey.

There are several approved versions of the logo from which to choose. Files are available in .jpg, .png, .ai and .eps.

Logo Package: Download

Business Cards

Use this business card for staff members of the Turkey office of WRI’s Sustainable Cities program and anyone working across topics including Sustainable Cities.

Business Cards: Download (The file contains both English and Turkish versions)

Email Signature

Please format your email signature to match the example below. You can copy/paste the block into Outlook and replace the generic information with your own.
(The font should formatted as Arial, size 9, RGB color 82-82-82).

Jane Public
Marketing and Communications Director
WRI Türkiye Sürdürülebilir Şehirler
WRIsehirler.orgDirect: +1 202-729-7732 | Mobile: +1 202-525-6549
jane.public@wri.org  | Skype: janepublicskype | Twitter: janepublicWRI Ross Sürdürülebilir Şehirler Merkezi dünya çapında kentlerde yaşayan milyonlarca insanın hayatını iyileştirmek için çalışıyor.

WRI; çevre, ekonomik fırsat ve insanların refahı ekseninde büyük fikirleri eyleme dönüştüren küresel bir araştırma örgütüdür.

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We’ve provided several design templates for ease of use. We will continue to add new templates to this site. Please reference the Playbook for information on the difference between the different products (i.e. what’s a Report VS. an Issue Brief) and follow the Quality Assurance process.

Working Paper | A4 (InDesign)

Issue Brief | A4 (InDesign)

Report | A4 (InDesign)

Technical Note | A4 (InDesign)

Powerpoint and Word Templates

World Resources Institute staff often uses PowerPoint and Word documents to communicate with external audiences. It is crucial that the design and composition of these Microsoft Office reflect the high quality of WRI’s work. The following templates should be used as guides for creating your own documents.

PowerPoint (16/9, widescreen)